Jersey Designs has been around for as long as I can remember, I just never had a name for it. Born and raised in New Jersey, I was always into cars, Bikes, Trucks, anything with an engine. I am guessing it had something to do with my Dad working for Ford in Mahwah, NJ. He was there at the peak of the Muscle Car era. He had Shelby Cobra’s, GT 500’s, AND EVEN BIG BLOCK WAGONS there all the time. The stories about Cobra jet Mustangs and Fairlanes are priceless.

I spent many years reading about motorsports, but minimal wrench time, then one day I met one of my best friends Pete when I was a freshman in High School. At that time he had a 65 Nova with a built 200 ci 6 Cylinder, Holley 750 4 Bbl, True Dual Exhaust, Etc. What a wild little ride that was. Started turning wrenches with him and history unfolded.

My later teens found me at Performance Centers of America working retail go fast parts. I was part time for a couple of years and then the assistant manager in one of the busiest stores in the 20 store chain. Fast forward a year and a half later and I was managing my own 3,000 SF store. Life was good. THEN NJ decided to change the “rules” for cars and trucks. The 35 year speed craze was coming to an end. Imports were gaining popularity and big muscle was taking a rest. So I was married and trying to be responsible. Found a job as service writer. Was OK. Made some great friends. But I missed building the toys.

One day I was approached by a friend in my truck club that wanted to open his own place. SCOTT WAS EXCITED. Back to fab work and the toys. Was very cool. Beautiful store.

One week in 1997 I had helped another friend of mine Kyle build his full size Chevy and we installed a 6 inch lift. Was a great week, with some of my great friends. Kyle liked my work so much he asked me to assemble his Capsule fillers. What the hell is a capsule filler? LOL I was scared I could not do what he wanted me to. The work was not in 1/8ths of an inch. I found myself dealing in thousandths of an inch. A touch overwhelming. YOU BETCHA.

Reluctantly took the job and my real engineering training began. Over the 7 years with Index I went from assembling parts to machining parts to designing them using Autocad. This was great because all this training and cut nuckles helped me make better car, truck and bike parts.

My goal is to offer great parts at great prices. I have never stopped helping friends and making great parts.

Have an Idea? I can make a 3D model of it using Solidworks and prototype it in my workshop!

If you can think it, odds are I can make it reality!
From Concept to Completion